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Bernese Mountain Dog-Poodle-Golden Retriever-Saint Bernard

This breed is a beautiful combination DESIGNER HYBRID BREED OF DOG, made up of four well known large breed family dogs in one. The ever popular Golden Retriever, with the Goofy nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog, the patient and Gentle Giant Saint Bernard, and add in the hypoallergenic, intelligent and playful Standard Poodle.

First ever to breed this adorable and absolutely lovable combination of the top four family dogs. This breed is proving to be a very beautiful, intelligent, calm, quiet and gentle dog. With more of an out going personality and adjusting to strangers better than the Saint Berdoodle, plus the lower energy over that of the Golden Mountain Doodle. This breed is a very beautiful low to non shedding hair coat, is a hypoallergenic, and comes in mini to large dogs type, that does not drool(depending on the generation of the puppy, puppies with only one quarter Poodle in them, may have some shedding, but not like the pure breed dog).

EXUBERANT fun loving, loyal dogs designed with families in mind. These puppies will lift your spirits high and brighten the dullest day. In their quest to ever please you, in whatever way they can, be it from showing off to you on how well they can learn, to their lavishing you with kisses. These puppies have it all. Affection, devotion, intelligence, loyalty, and high lifted fun loving spirits. What more could a family ask for in a dog. They are a mix of FOUR OF THE BEST FAMILY DOGS in one dog. This designer dog is just that, a dog intentionally designed. It is not by chance that this exuberant, fun loving, affectionate, loyal family dog came into existence, but through careful consideration and planning.

We began breeding this amazing combination of dog over six years ago, and cannot believe how quickly the demand for this breed of dog has soared. It is our very own designer breed and we are always continually seeking to instill and breed into this dog, all of the best traits of the four breeds in one. Be it temperament, and health, right down to color combinations, and hair coat textures, we are always working on improving this breed Find yourself the joy of all the BEST FAMILY dog breeds in one!

The energy levels of the Saintberdoodle are lower than the Golden Mountain Doodle, who is more of a Medium energy level dog. This DESIGNER BREED is in the middle, not too low of energy and not too high. The Golden Mountain Doodle has longer play time in him, and would be considered more playful than the Saint Berdoodle, but sometimes to a fault for those who are not into longer play time. The Golden Mountain Doodle just loves the water. At any given time you can find a golden Mountain Doodle standing in their water dish splashing water every where. Both the Golden Mountain Doodle and the Saint Berdoodle are home body dogs. They are content to stay at home. They are not runners, where if given the chance to escape would run away on you, rather if out loose they normally just hang around the house. You generally do not have to worry about them running off. 

The Saint Berdoodle is a lot more reserved around strangers, and is not as outgoing in meeting strangers as what the Golden Mountain Doodle is. It does take longer to gain the trust of the Saint Berdoodle. The Saint Berdoodle are very loving with their owners and people they know and trust. The Saint Berdoodle is a lower energy dog and is content to laze about on the sofa if allowed to. Because the Saint Berdoodles are are a lower energy dog they are not into actively playing for extended periods of time. They will play but do not expect it to be for a long time. Some Saint Berdoodles are okay with a lot of walking or running, but the bigger boned heavier built puppies prefer not to.

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