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What is a Saint Berdoodle?

A Saint Berdoodle is a cross breed between a Poodle and a Saint Bernard.


What Kind of Temperament Does a Saint Berdoodle Have?

A Saint Berdoodle is a very family oriented dog, they are very much for their owners and their family. They are very fun, happy, playful, loyal, gentle, low/ moderate energy dogs with exceptional intelligence. The breed thrives in a family setting and are amazing with children. 


What is the life span of a Saint Berdoodle?

Saint Berdoodles have a life span of 12-15 years.


Do Saint Berdoodles bark a lot?

Saint Berdoodles by nature are a very calm quiet breed. They are laid back and easy going dogs. They are not hyper and do not become stir crazy and wanting excessive amount of stimulation like breeds such as; Huskys, German Sheppards, Labs, Bernese Mountain dogs, or the Bernedoodle. They do not have what's called a prey drive that would prompt them to bark in the window at passing traffic or a squirrel. They may only bark to alert that someone is at the door.


Are Saint Berdoodles Good for People with Allergies?

Yes Saint Berdoodles have a non shedding hypoallergenic type hair coat which makes them great for people with allergies. Depending on each individual persons severity of allergy certain puppies hair type would be a better fit over another, ie. a wavy-curly haired puppy for sever allergies or a F1b Saint Berdoodle with a pure bred poodle as the sire or dam (meaning more poodle).


Do Saint Berdoodles require a lot of care and grooming?

Depending on the hair type and length some puppies will require more brushing or grooming. For Saint Berdoodles with longer hair you can expect to be at the groomers every couple months with frequent brushing in between. 


Do male or female Saint Berdoodles make a better pet?

On a whole there isn't any differences between choosing to have a male or female Doodle as a pet. The only difference in some cases is that females can be a little more "clingy" than a male would be. Decisions are almost always made upon preference of the family. 


Are Saint Berdoodles good companion dogs?

Saint Berdoodles are great companion dogs. They are easy going, happy and ready to please. They are quite often used as therapy dogs for the elderly, people with stress, ptsd, ect. They possess a very calming and gentle demeanour. 


Are Saint Berdoodles good for apartment living? 

Saint Berdoodles are a low to moderate energy dog and are also bred in small, medium and large sizes which can make them great apartment dogs. They do not require excessive exercise like other doodle breeds such as Bernedoodles, Aussiedoodles and Golden Doodles. 


Are Saint Berdoodles Easy to Train?

Saint Berdoodles are highly intelligent and pick up on tricks and commands quite quickly. Thier ready to please and attentiveness makes training a breeze. A 5 year old could train them!


Can my Saint Berdoodle be Left Alone While I'm Out or at Work?

Yes you can leave your puppy while you go to out for a few hours. They are not destructive breed so you need not worry about them chewing furniture. About 90% a families crate train which gives them peace of mind while they are out or overnight. 

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